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Plant Info Centre is a centre with a database of around 15,508 species in India and 5676 in Tamilnadu alone, which is first of its kind. As only 1260 plants out of 5676 plants has Tamil name, the centre is under the process of naming the remaining plants in Tamil.

The centre's founder Mr.Panchavarnam himself being a nature enthusiast has done a lot of eco friendly measures in Panruti during his service period as Municipal Chairman. Around 40,000 free tree plant saplings were distributed to the public to beautify the Panruti Municipality and its surroundings. The greenery in and around the streets and roads of Panruti stands proof for his vision of creating eco-friendly environment. Warm welcome received from the public and Media. He lead by example, he grown tree plant saplings in own nursery.

Medicine plant

Medicine System Total Exclusively use
Siddha 692 131
Ayur vedic 412 32
Homeopathy 112 26
Folk 697 105
Unani 161 1
Tribal Medicine 182 4

In tamil, out of 697 plants 90000 tamil names are there. Please note, the process of streamlining these names is going on. In each plant, we provide

  • Classification Search
  • Family Name
  • Genus
  • Botanical Name
  • Author Name
  • Tamil Name -தமிழ் பெயர்
  • Vernacular Names in English (Available languages are Tamil, Malayalam, Kannadam, Tulu, Telungu, Hindhi, Konkani,Sanskrit, Marathi, English / Trade Name)
  • Habit
  • Propagation
  • Flower Colour
  • Flowering Season
  • Fruiting Season
  • Useful Parts
  • Centre of origin
  • Distribution
  • Economic Usage
  • Morphological character
  • Length Search

    For Example, Neem(called as vembu in Tamil ) named other varities you can see the complete data by
    following this link. See Details of Neem

    Medicinal Plant Database(PIC)

    Mr.R.Panchavarnam developed interest himself in Medicinal plants and started collecting data. As a result, large volume of invaluable data that can be used by all common public with different interests like research, medicinal reference is available on the web.

    For example, see Details of Azadirachta indica as under.

    வேம்பைப் பற்றி தொகுத்துள்ள விபரங்கள் : வேம்பு

  • Medicinal Plant Encyclopedia
  • Enlarged Picture View
  • List of Information Available for the Plant
  • Other Varieties of the Plant
  • English names
  • List of available of Language names
  • Tamil Names About 206 Tamil Names
  • Hindi, Telugu, Kannadam Names
  • Malayalam, Tulu, Konkani, Marati Names
  • Sanskrit Names
  • Sanga Ilakkia Plants
  • Know your plant through SMS

    We are creating the Indian plants database about 11000 species. Web based databse application with various search fecilities are available. Upgradation of that application from asp to .NET is in progress.Once the development is over this site will be linked to that database application.

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