Tribal system of medicine

The system of medicine which is followed by Tribal people is known as Tribal medicine. The tribal people are the real custodians of medicinal plants. In recent years, uncontrolled exploitation by Multinationals has resulted in the loss of the rich biodiversity of India, which has an immense wealth of about 45,000 species of wild plants of which 7500 species are used for medicinal purposes. The predominant tribal populations in the district comprise the yanadi, yerukala, nakkala and the irula tribes.

The tribal people divide the diseases into two categories:
(1) Related to the body
(2) Related to mind and divine powers

In our website we have mentioned about 180 Medicinal plants which are used in Tribal medicinal system. It describes about the method of preparation of the medicines and diseases which are curable by them and their dosage.

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