Our Plant Informatic centre has planted trees for each raasi, nakshathra in Thanvanthiri temple(Siddhar temple) in Kumbakonam road, Panruti. Our main aim is to make the people to worship tree as god through which making the habit of planting trees and to create awareness among public.

After seeing the worship of trees by public, We also planted trees for each raasi, nakshathra in Veerataneswarar temple in thiruvathigai near panruti. Now in both the temples trees also considered as a sacred thing and worshipped as one of the God.

We are ready to do these type services to any temple. And we encourage public to plant in their own house a plant which is appropriate to their raasi or nakshathram. And we provide the plant which suits each raasi and nakshathram.

Mr.R.Panchavarnam shown more interest towards Eco Friendly and Greeneary development in panruti during his service period as Municipal Chairman. 40,000 Free tree plant saplings given to public to bueatify the Panruti Municipality and sorroundings.Warm welcome received from the public and Media. He lead by example, he grown tree plant saplings in own nursery