Siddha system of medicine

Siddha system of medicine is most ancient and spiritually enriched one. Siddha Medicines are formulated and prepared by the Siddhars thousands of years ago after undergoing various research work on flora, fauna and the rich mineral resources of Mother Earth. The medicines are enriched with prayers and power which not only cures the disease but also provides peace to the mind and spirituality to the soul. This divine system of medicine is a treasure of numerous medicines. Siddha system of Medicine is the most ancient of all medical systems. The origination of this civilization dates back to 12000 years before Christ. Tamil language is said to be the most ancient language as per the research work done in manuscripts.

In our website we have mentioned about 695 Medicinal plants which are used in siddha medicinal system. It describes about the method of preparation of the medicines and diseases which are curable by them, and their dosage.

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